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Empowering Your Nonprofit Journey

Welcome to Innovant, your dedicated hub for nonprofit development and expert grant writing. Our mission is to empower your organization's mission through tailored strategies and successful grant applications.

Ink the Vision. Fund the Mission.

Embark on a personalized journey with our comprehensive suite of services, meticulously crafted for nonprofit organizations. Our approach involves in-depth research within exclusive funder databases, strategic grant methodologies, and transformative development strategies. Our multi-tiered services ensure that every client, regardless of revenue level, can tap into crucial grant opportunities.

With a success rate of over 85%, our collaborative efforts have empowered numerous clients to secure vital funding. We take immense pride in championing the impactful work carried out by nonprofit organizations on a daily basis. Partner with us to amplify your mission and achieve meaningful change.


Grant Specific Overview

A high level review of grant specifications and actions steps to begin, or final draft review. 


Grant Prospect Report

In-depth research that produces a tailored list of prospective grants.


Strategtic Consulting

One on one consulting to achieve your organization's goals.


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Expand Your Vision

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