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Areas of Focus 

While our capabilities extend to any area of focus, here are the specific domains where our extensive expertise truly shines.

  • Humanities, Arts, and Culture

  • Education 

  • Human Services

  • Youth Organizations 

  • Workforce Development 

  • Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Agriculture and Environment

  • Poverty Alleviation 

  • Animal Rescue and Welfare


See what our clients are saying!


Hands of St. Lucie County

"Jodi Riley and her team quickly provided an extra hand to the HANDS Clinic when we had an overwhelming number of potential grant application opportunities that appeared at the very last minute.  She jumped in, learned about our mission, and wrote a fantastic proposal that was able to tell our story with passion and data.  We would work with her team again; they are amazing resource to nonprofit leaders!"

-Lisa, Executive Director

HH Stables-colo

Harmony Hope Stables 

"Jodi Riley is extremely professional, classy, highly intelligent and just the kind of upbeat positive person you would want to hire. Without a shadow of a doubt I would recommend her firm for any of the services offered.  Her creative writing skills far exceed any expectations I would have ever imagined. Jodi and her team are what I would consider 5 star, "cream of the crop" kind of pros!"

- Kristi, Founder/President

Screenshot 2023-02-21 111812

Inner Truth Project 

"Jodi is hands down the easiest, fastest, and most concise grant writer we have ever worked with. She asks all the right questions and took time to truly understand our mission, programs, and vision. The only complaint I have is that we did not start working with her sooner! I highly recommend her team for consulting and grant projects."

-Mindi, Founder/Executive Director

Screenshot 2023-02-21 112749

Bobcat Sports League 

“The team at Innovant Consulting is made up of highly skilled and experienced grant writers who are well-versed in the latest trends and requirements of grant funding. They have a deep understanding of the grant application process and are able to craft proposals that are both compelling and competitive. Their exceptional writing skills, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting deadlines have been invaluable to my organization. Their personalized approach to grant writing, coupled with their extensive research and analysis, has resulted in several successful grant proposals that have enabled us to achieve our goals and continue our mission."

- Bill, Executive Director 


Treasure Coast Wildlife Center

“Innovant Consulting does incredible work for our nonprofit! It is evident that their hearts are with the nonprofits they work with. Deadlines are met, proposals are outstanding, and their efforts deliver results. Any nonprofit would be lucky to work with this team.”


- Susan, Executive Director


Screenshot 2023-02-21 114346

Paws Fur Recovery 

"Brilliant! Jodi and her team have made a huge impact at our nonprofit organization, Paws Fur Recovery. Their knowledge and experience helping small nonprofits like ours has allowed us to take our grassroots organization to the next level. Business development, strategy, grant writing, copywriting, marketing, advertising, and fundraising. She has and continues to help us in more ways than we can list. We will always highly recommend Jodi!"

- Robert, Board President


“Jodi only works with nonprofits, which says a lot about where her heart is! We have worked with her over the last 6 months, and she has gotten us several grants! I highly recommend her.”

-Lori, Executive Director


"Over the past year, Little Birthday Angels has retained the nonprofit consulting and grant writing services provided by Innovant Consulting. As the executive director and founder of LBA, I have been continually impressed with the creative writing, organizational skills, and professionalism of Jodi Riley's team. As a top-notch worldwide nonprofit consultant, Innovant's team has always maintained a warm small-town feel and is an integral part of our team. We will continue to employ the invaluable services of Innovant Consulting for years to come."

-Angel Pietsch, Executive Director and Founder 

Screenshot 2023-02-21 151029

Bob Carter's Actor's Workshop & Repertory Company

 “Jodi and her team were successful in obtaining multiple grants to fund our theater operations. Wonderful work! Our Board is sincerely grateful to the Innovant team.” 


-Bob Carter, Chairman of the Board and Founding Artistic Director


"Jodi and her team of grant writers have impeccable writing skills which has helped our organization secure hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 18 months. They are highly professional, adaptive to feedback, and responsive on tight timelines. We HIGHLY recommend Innovant Consulting!!"

-Samantha Suffich, Chief Executive Officer

Specific client information and grant award details are kept confidential

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