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Foundation Feature - OAK Foundation

By: Vanessa Petrillo

In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, our foundation feature focuses on the Oak Foundation, which focuses on child sexual abuse. The Oak Foundation was founded in 1983 and currently operates as an international foundation with over 64 employees with offices in Belize, Bulgaria, India, Switzerland, and the United States. To apply for funding, applicants must review their child abuse program at and submit a letter of inquiry.

The Oak Foundation began funding Stop It Now! In 2008 with an initial grant of $174,460, which was in collaboration to “strengthen child sexual abuse prevention efforts in low- and middle-income countries.” In addition, they also supplied a grant in the amount of $349,792 for Stop It Now! To take their initiative and knowledge abroad, which established the Oak Foundation as a prominent voice worldwide on the issue of child sexual abuse.

To apply for funding from the Oak Foundation, you must provide them with a Letter of Inquiry. If the Oak Foundation believes that your organization is well aligned with its program, you will be invited to apply for a grant with them. Information on how to apply for a grant with this funder can be found on their website at On their website, you will also find a concise application process timeline.

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