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Tips on How to Search for Grants

By: Sierra Broughton

Finding grants can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. I learned that it is all about where you look and what you search for.

There are many different options when looking for grants. Here are a few sites that I recommend:

  • (free)

  • GrantStation (subscription cost)

  • GrantGopher (subscription cost)

  • Candid/Foundation Directory Online (subscription cost)

  • Instrumentl (subscription cost)

You can look for specific types of grants, like charitable or federal. There are also a lot of good options by state or county.

Begin your search by area of interest, looking for grants specific to your organization's purpose and mission. Then click on a link to one of the grants that meet your needs and learn more about the funder. Pay attention to the grant award ceiling and procedures on how to apply. Grant guidelines are also essential.

When on a funder's website, be sure to look for deadlines, specific geographic locations, and make sure that they give the type of support you need. When looking at different foundations or corporations that offer grants, we suggest looking at their 990 on to view past giving trends and make sure they give to nonprofits in your area.

But remember, when looking for grants, you should already have a program or something specific you want to fund. You should never make up a program to get grant money. Focus on what you want to be funded, and search for grants from there.

Did you know?

At Jodi Riley Consulting, we offer a grant research services tailored to the needs of your organization! Through access to in-depth grant fund listings from private, corporate, state, and federal agencies, we will find the right opportunities for you. We develop these into a comprehensive grant prospect report complete with deadlines so you can plan for a successful year.

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